Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I started my day with these being delivered. With no signature. I actually texted Derek to see if he sent them. His reply? "If you're getting flowers they'd better be from me."

Later we went to a swanky restaurant in town. With the kids.

"This is a *really* nice restaurant kids. Be on your best best behavior, ok?"

Fiona, "Yes mama. I can do that. Am I holding this water glass correctly?" Yes Fiona. As always.

Gavin, "::hopping:: Right right right! Best behaviooorrrr. ::humming."


Nom nom nom. Scallops in a champagne white sauce with mushrooms, local cheese and an edible orchid.

The biggest slab of walleye I've seen in my life. Lightly breaded perfectly and with perfect veggies.

The kids managed to get kid foods.

Ok guys, you've been good. Dessert?

Gavin: "I want chocolate fountain!" Well you can't have the entire fountain. But you can have some with dippers.

And Fiona, what about you?

Fiona: "Chocolate and ice cream!"

Fiona: "The is the best ever." Well they are known for their fresh ice cream. And featured in wine magazines. But that's obviously way less important.

Some kinda crumble, I can't remember the details. On the house because of our anniversary.

My order. Cracking the surface always makes me giggle deep inside. One of the best I've ever had. (Sorry Mom.)

A great way to celebrated our years today. Sometimes I look at Derek and I can't believe I've known him since he was 18. Fresh outta high school. Other times I can't imagine anything else.

It was a wonderful day. Even without a babysitter. In some ways that made it even sweeter.

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