Tuesday, August 9, 2011

books are here!

Guess what came today?!

Curriculum! A whole table full. The kids had fun looking through it all and G even sat down and did a page out of a book in his best ever hand writing. Seriously. He took his time and it looks fantastic.

But that's not my favorite part. This is my favorite part:

A few of the books have correlations to national standards listed! Woot! My current goal is to lay out lesson plans (this sets came with a suggested lesson plan but it's by week not by day) and try to note the national standards we're hitting just to make sure I keep on track a little. Not all plans will fit into that. But at least I'll see if I'm beating some ideas to death and missing others.

Now that we've got the stuff we can start when ever we'd like *after* August 15th when I register as a home schooler with the local district. G would like to start tomorrow morning, Fi would like to wait until September when the local schools start. I'd like to start some time in the middle so we have more wiggle room around the holidays. Since I wasn't expecting this package for at least another week we'll have to sit and figure out our new school plan.

So exciting! I can't wait to start this journey with the kids!


The Life of Mel said...

YAY! I haven't been commenting much but I read every one of these. :)
So glad your kids are excited about learning. That's such a huge part of the battle.

NEDP said...

Thanks Mel! And yes, they are excited. But then again when you see a room set up as a class room and your very own "desk" with your name on it I don't know how you keep from being excited! Hopefully we can keep the spark alive.