Monday, August 8, 2011

Not a lot of time for a blog post...

Not a lot of time this morning for a post. Yesterday Fi asked me to please have some sort of lesson ready for when she woke up. No pressure there. And how do I tell a child that I don't feel like teaching because they school year hasn't started yet?

G isn't much better. He keeps asking me to check the tracking information on our packages of school books. Silly kiddos.

This morning I woke up early (5am!) and already made breakfast and lunch for Derek, sent him off, checked email and watched two bunnies have breakfast in our yard. It's very cool here this morning and I have a feeling the kids won't be up as early as they thought they might.

Yesterday we checked out two churches in town and Fi fell in love with one, but she's intrigued by the first church because they have a woman minister. I'm not going to name names because the church with a female pastor technically has the same denomination name as a denomination where we lived before that I simply cannot imagine having a female pastor. But for now Fi's favorite is the 2nd church. G loved sunday school but was bored in big church. I feel like that's a failing of my own. I might have waited a bit too long to pull him out of children's activities and into main worship. Or maybe not long enough for my wiggle worm?

After my last post wouldn't you know that at this church the teacher of the kids sunday school "happened" to be a home schooling mom? And there aren't many of those in this area! I hope to call her very soon and get a rundown of what I need to know to home school in this area.

Also shortly after posting the last post our landlady called and asked us to come out on her boat. So our family got our first taste of the chain of 28 lakes in this area. They were wonderful host and we had a lot of fun. I think just getting out of the house and interacting with other adults did me a world of good. I just hate that our fun was cut short by rain. Derek and I were reminded of another boat ride (with family) that ended in us turned around on a really big lake in TN and ending up in Kentucky during a bad storm. We slept in a shore side hotel for the night before getting up the next morning and taking the boat back to Tennessee. And it was only suppose to be an afternoon trip!

This trip wasn't nearly that intense. Thankfully.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'll try to update with a real post tomorrow.

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