Friday, September 30, 2011


Sorry about the delay in blogging. September turned into one of the fastest months ever for us.

We did a lot of school in our little one room school house.

 The kids practiced guitar with Daddy and learned the beginnings of how to read music from me.

We made friends with our neighbors who like to hang out in our yard. A few find G-man really interesting as he plays in the yard and will stop to watch him.

We traveled back to where we came from and visited Nashville, TN and Gallatin, TN.

We stayed in a small little local hotel called the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

One day we hit the Frist Museum in Nashville and got to experience Warhol. We had quiet the gallery talk (much to the dismay of the local hipsters) as each child picked a favorite work and discussed it with me.

We even schooled in exotic locations. 

The kids got up close and personal with animals at the Nashville Zoo (this photo below was taken by Fi !)

Spent some time with a local bird who lives in TN and WI.

Came back home to catch the leaves changing in the most amazing ways.

Practiced defensive driving. These guys are fearless and this photo is taken through my windshield after stopping the car in the middle of the road, digging the camera out of my bag, turning it on, focusing and shooting. They're in no hurry and inching closer doesn't run them off.

And this week we've started to watch the leaves begin to fall and experienced cold misting fog like I've never seen before.

Thankfully some days have been warm enough for running around outside when school work simply doesn't hold interest anymore and the desire to WIGGLE takes over any sense of responsibility we might have once had.

As I've uploaded photos and typed this blog post G has been at my feet patiently working on finishing up this weeks school work so that he can go shopping tonight and be done for the week! Also this weekend is the Cranberry Fest so we're all excited about checking that out tomorrow and Sunday.

Hope everyone else had a great month. With any luck I'll have more time for the blog as the weather cools and we're confined to indoors more and more.

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