Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Freebies in the mail!

Do you remember Book It!?

Fi and G have loved earning these rewards in public school (even though we rarely used them) and loved earning them this summer through the library. We actually spent them at the local Pizza Hut and found the pizza to be much better than we remembered. Yay for all of us!

In early September I registered with Book It! as a home schooling educator and today I received our booklet and coupons! Now I've just got to design their reading plan and they can begin earning free pizza.

Also back in August I entered to win a DaGeDar set over at Freely Educate and it came recently! The kids love it but they're so crazy with it I'm having a hard time catching a photo of them playing with it! Thankfully the set came with 4 balls so they each have 2 to play with. The great thing about these is there's no rules. At all. So they have to make up their own rules to play which is what happens with most of our toys anyway.

The balls are hard but incased in plastic so we haven't had any terrible damage. Thankfully. They do fly across the tile in the kitchen though! Fi loves that they have little stands and she keeps them neatly displayed and has already decided which other ones she would like to purchase if we can ever find them locally. Both kids are hoping the Santa might bring them the large track to drop the balls down and Derek already said, "Physics lesson anyone?" We just won't tell them they might be learning by playing with toys.

If you haven't you should check out Freely Educate no matter if you are a home schooler, educator or parent. She list great free resources that are well worth your time to check out. 

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