Friday, October 14, 2011

Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse

The past few weeks we've had some house guest who needed to leave. One loved to come up to me while I was sitting at the computer (which has my favorite chair in the house, so sit I there quite a bit) and sniff my toes. Once he remembered that I am that-which-sits-here he'd take off to my bedroom and wander around a bit.

Humane traps came yesterday via Amazon. Fi helped me set them up.

Here I'm holding the door up. It's a one way door so they go in and they don't come out. There's a few air holes for them and a snack. To force the trap to open you just rotate it (somewhere far from your house) and let them slide out. Easy peasy.

The last set we owned that cost a bit more had a spring to hold the door closed. I didn't opt for them this time because it didn't really seem to affect how the trap worked. Ohhh how wrong.

About the time the critters figured out their way in they started beating the door to death. Duh right? Well that was enough to wake Derek. So *that's* what the spring is for. Keep the mice from waking us.

We were rewarded with this:

Two of our four traps were successful. The one under my desk (ah ha!) and one from the sunroom/classroom. Thankfully. That one has been driving us CRAZY at night shuffling papers, clicking on mugs left in the room, knocking over pencils and other small things left on desk. 

Of course Fi fell in love with them, but wanted to introduce someone to them.

The mice were not amused. The piggie didn't seem to be either. We were a little surprised no one had gone to bunk with him in his cage. I mean it's hard to send the right message when you have a rodent you live with. All these other rodents think you're rodent friendly.

Fi is giggling over their tiny hands and tails and how they bathe themselves so I gotta go drive these to an open field VERY soon before she gets any more attached.

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