Friday, October 21, 2011

Things in the mail

There is a wicked wind here. While talking to my brother on the phone I would have to stop periodically and let the wind die back down a little before restarting our conversation.

"Is it really that beautiful there?" he asked me. "No. It's terrible," I answered. "Ok FINE I'm lying. It's completely awesome here. Like the beach and the mountains all at once."

So he sent the kids something perfect for high winds. Kites! G mostly stand back and watches and waits to help pull one down from the trees (we received two of them). He also lets out a very Tennessee "whoo-hoo!" when needed.

Check out those feet. Yep. Flip flops. After this photo I hid them. Fi is learning the art of letting out string but when the wind isn't as fast she still has fun running with it.

I also received a package from a very sweet girl running a great couponing website!

It's really sad how excited I get about couponing and packages in the mail. This package was extra special though. It had a gift plus coupons!!! (Also pictured is a rock, which was not part of the package but needed for the photo because of the high wind.)

Yay! A tote bag from Sarandipity Saves and two coupons to use at Walgreens to score this great deal which ends up with me paying about $1.75/pack of TP!!! Which probably sounds like I have a sickness, really. Excitement over cheap toilet paper. But it's the little things. Also this might be my new favorite tote. It actually fits over my shoulder and is thick. Love it!

Another gift that wasn't delivered by the post was my father. Dad flew up Monday to hang out with us for a while! The kids are thrilled and I'm loving it even if I find him shooting an arrow into our house (thankfully outside?) or have to search for him because he's wandering around the woods with an ax. He and Fi have been working on a project all day today which I will post more about tomorrow morning. I can't believe how much they've accomplished in a day!

For those of you who live with grands or family nearby give them a giant hug. It's amazing how much I've missed just hearing dad whistle while working on things even if it's completely deafening if you're inside a structure with him. Yay for parents!

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