Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snow Part 1 of 35K I'm sure.

Yesterday we got our first big snow. It happened so fast! At 10am we had a light dusting and before 5pm the roads were quite covered. It was snow like the south only more inches of it and cities didn't shut down.

For some reason last night I wanted pie. Apple pie. So at 8pm I attempted my first apple pie in many many years.

It turned out great. And it was dairy free! So I was a little nervous. Of course because it's dairy free G isn't showing much interest. Oh well.

Amazingly, today there was... still snow! The kids were so happy! On and off today it kept snowing. We did errands this morning (and schooled at the same time, which was interesting...) and once we were home our school work was finished quickly so they could get outside before it all melts. I laughed and told them for once I could promise there will be more snow.

Fi began work on her first ever full size snowman. He's taking a long time to form because she keeps patting snow onto the form and trying to get the shape just right.

And I was able to see something I've not seen in a long time if ever. A snowy sunset with the sun low in the sky. Everything was much more pink and purple and slate than my camera could capture.

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Unknown said...

This was all so beautiful!