Monday, January 2, 2012

Pretty Good Year

I haven't posted since November 12. This doesn't mean I haven't written blogs inside my head since November 12th. Not long after that date we decided to get a second computer because the four of us sharing one rather old and small computer was causing it stress. Sometimes it would act out irrationally. I became afraid it would loose or at least hide my photos.

Now we have a computer for the adults (an iMac) and the Mac Mini was reformatted and is acting much better. The children can use the machine all day long without fear of someone accidentally accessing tax information.

I just loaded the photos off my camera and onto the new mac. Oh the joys of a color calibrated monitor. ::happy sigh::

So here is the end of 2011 and a bit of 2012 in photos.

We have:

Experienced weather like we've never seen before.

Learned about the Solar System...

...and just how far apart the bits are (we did this as close to scale as we could based on AU's).

Played games even if a piece got lost in the move.

The kids have pranked me. This was Fi, arranging her brothers snow clothes to look like he was on his face.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with my first ever turkey.

Eaten our fill.

Been patient when mom put her car in a ditch on an icy road on Fi's birthday.

Eaten sushi with friends.

Learned to be brave on our road which is never, ever cleared.

Bought a car! (We were a one car family!)

Taken in the beauty of this place.

Learned how big Eagles are in real life. (Look at the center, then lower your eyes to the right.)

Made art with the home school group.

Celebrated my birthday.

Learned how to cure cold feet.

Learned to sew.

Crafted for our out of state family.

Snuggled up on the sofa after a long day.

Hung out with the piggie pig.

Had our first trip to the ER.

Celebrated D's birthday. 

Made Christmas photos for the grands.

Exposed our living room to mass carnage.

Danced until we couldn't breathe. 

Explored the tracks of neighbors.

2011 was a wild year! Half of it we lived in TN, completely unaware of how our lives were going to change. A third of it was spent moving. I am now living in an area that last Christmas I was unaware even existed. That's a pretty surreal thing to try to understand. 

The holidays were a little hard not seeing the people I wanted to see (we couldn't travel this year) and missing our old social life and church. But we were plenty busy with a boy on crutches, buying a car, celebrating birthdays and crafting. I hope to go back to school middle of this week or Monday at the latest after we get all Christmas related goodies out of our living space and the house tidy. 

Happy New Year everyone!

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