Friday, March 2, 2012

generic update regarding too much to have a proper subject

Fallen quite behind again. I've learned something though... in order for *me* to use the computer there have to be no children sitting at it. That's a complex issue.

For now though lets go back in time via photographs!

(I know I know, all photographs are from the past, but just bear with me here.)

Febuary 29th we woke up to nearly 2ft of snow! It was amazing! We had a really good snow on Tuesday so the extra depth was just fluff on top of fluff. Snow totals near that amount are not unusual for this area but it is typically earlier in the season and after several days of snowing. There were local records broken.

The roof developed this nice little ledge that worried me some.

Our swing sets!

G is standing at the base of where our plow guy did our driveway. The snow is nearly 4ft tall.

Fi peering at me. She likes to dig "snow dens" in the back of these piles.

G liked to climb up and down the bank and create slick valleys to roll snow balls or other objects down. I'm standing taking this photo. At nearly 6ft tall that might give you an idea of how far he is from the ground!

Yesterday was my first experience with a snow rake. That's a whole other blog post for another time. Lemme just say though, you have to work hard to maintain a winter home here and not have a fantastic upper body. 

Febuary 27th I received a really interesting package!

It's from Tori! Tori is an old friend from college who was in my wedding and who is a creative force to be reckoned with. Knowing her is a bit like knowing a rock star. All these amazing things including tea, a small book she made for me (!) things to read, and eat, and paints, and beads, and just everything was somehow in this small box. I've fallen in love with at least 2 lush products, a tea that even guest fall over themselves to smell and my children are now in love with lemon head candy. Fantastic!

The same day I got a serious hair cut! (Yes, somehow the day ended up about me.)

It's me!

I'm enjoying how simple it is with all the hat wearing that comes from living up north. 

We have also:

Learned to sled!

Celebrated a local friends birthday.

Discovered the mentos/diet soda reaction.

Seen the most amazing patterns of snow and ice ever.

Celebrated a Tennessee transplant birthday.

Drummed hard on exercise balls for power beats class.

Helped (?) with laundry.

Explored variations on bedhead.

Learned to cook treats.

Found a house we hope to rent later this year. That is big. And on a river. 

As well as a million other small things. G is reading more and more. Fi's math is improving. D and I are still loosing weight although it's very very slow. Our little rental house has lost heat twice, used 3 tanks of gas and received a new thermostat. The Honda CRV got a new muffler pipe. Little distracting things leave me happily exhausted at the end of the day.

If these are our biggest worries we must be truly blessed. And I think we are. 

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