Tuesday, November 6, 2012

food sensitivity on the road

I need a bit of help.

We're about to travel two days to see family. I am in full on list making mode. Because of various food sensitivities we have to really plan and think about food before hopping in the car. Gone are the days of "we'll just pick something up" and here we are at the days of "did someone touch bread before my salad?"

I am well versed at dairy sensitivity. I've had eight years of practice with that. Also good at husbands pre-diabetic meal needs. I'm still learning the gluten free diet though. Mixing it into our dairy free/no white starches has been a challenge. Now tossing it into a road trip is a little maddening.

So here are the snacks I have measured out and prepared already:

1) Cheese snacks for Fi
2) Fig Newtons for Fi and G
3) Oreo Cookies for Fi and G and D if he gets desperate for a sweet
4) Homemade Trail mix for everyone
5) Prunes for G and D (they *like* them a lot!) 
6) Jerky for all of us
7) Roasted Almonds for D and Gi
8) Frosted Shredded Wheat for Fi and G

Adding to this list will be premade sandwiches, carrot sticks, apples with individual pots of peanut butter, bananas and a few juice boxes and V8 for when someone needs a break from water.

As far as meals we're taking a few things and buying a few once we arrive. My trusty electric tea kettle will be coming with us so we can have hotel oatmeal, fruit, dry breakfast cereal, tea, coffee and bagels. I even found some gluten free breakfast cereal for me should we want to stop and get a small cartoon of milk for breakfast.

If you notice I only have 3 snacks I can eat: trail mix, jerky, and apples with peanut butter. I'm going to try taking some salad to make sure I get some vegetables each day. I was reading about making salads in jars and am wondering if I could do that in smaller pint jars for snacks while traveling. We are taking a collapsable cooler so I will have a way to keep things cool if not refrigerated.

I could totally take this week to make gourmet organic snacks but I have laundry to finish, a car that I have to get in the shop for repair, library books to return, bills to pay and a million other things that must be done before we leave. The kids and I did enjoy making this trail mix together today.

We used peanuts from the bulk section at the grocery store, some sunflower seeds I had in the cabinet, M&M candies, coconut flakes and dried fruit that I picked up on super discount at Walgreens this week. I got out a half cup scoop and measured them into a large mixing bowl until the kids agreed it "looked right". We might have to do this more often.

Anyone else got any suggestions for road trip foods or good ideas for gluten free travel?

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