Thursday, May 16, 2013

Since January!?

I haven't updated since January!?

I'm very sorry everyone. Let's just say there's been a world of wonderful post typed up in my brain. But not published.

The weather is *finally* turning spring like around here and I feel like I can catch my breath and focus on things outside of cleaning and home schooling. I can't wait for this year of school to wrap. Seriously. I think the kids and I are burned on it.

However, I have been having fun with my camera.

And I really had fun last weekend at my friends farm.



If you're local and interested in a CSA with this farm (organic, non-gmo!) check out her facebook page here. She does have a website nearing completion and when it's up I'll put up a link to that. Naked Acres Farm is in Pelican Lake, WI. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather. Or maybe even summer depending on where you are!

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