Friday, May 24, 2013

Who I read.

I adore my quiet mornings when I get to read up on blogs and just peaceful take in other peoples lives. For me it's like attending an art gallery. I think our lives are so full and rich and seeing it spill out of other people and onto blogs just makes me happy.

So here's my reading list. If you have suggestions put them in a comment. I loving finding new favorites.

Fashion/Style Blog

Am I fashionista? Heck no. But I like knowing that when an occasion arrises and I need a nice outfit I can pull a few things together on short notice. And nothing gets the creative juices flowing for me like seeing how people are pulling together color and line and shape. Add in that people with normal bodies are doing this without revealing too much? Outstanding!

Already Pretty is a fascinating read. She doesn't just blog cute outfits. I mean obviously she does sometimes but she really digs down deeper. I find some of the most interesting articles from her blog. There's a lot of psychology here. Things that make me pause. Things that make me consider what exactly it is my daughter will be facing as she goes out into the world dresses as a girl.

Home remodel/repair/dressing

Outside of Pinterest there's few other places that can make me "ooo" and "ahhh" like these two. I've been following them for much too long. And they've totally inspired what little I've managed to do around my own house with a HUGE dose of help from my dad.

Young House Love is great because they keep moving! Seriously. And now's a good time to start reading. They've just purchased house #3. And weirdly when we lived in a ranch they were and now that I'm in a multistory home so are they. It's fantastic.

Bower Power was the one I started reading first. I love it all. Especially her photographs. And her photography tips. Lovely. They're on house #2 and while it's much bigger than any homes we'll probably ever live in it's amazing watching her take these huge spaces and make them so comfortable.


My go-to when I first get up. I scroll these websites looking for deals. From a coupon for gluten free food to what to add to the grocery list. Love it.

Hip 2 Save is headed up by Collin. Which if you manage to catch one of her videos watch it all the way through. You want her as a BFF. Promise. This website is constantly being updated (like multiple times a day) with the newest deals. It's amazing. Freebies, discounts, whatever. It's there.

Southern Savers was my FAVORITE when we lived in TN. If you live in the south try her website. It's so easy to read, navigate and use. Seriously. So many coupon sites make me want to scream. Not hers. It's beautiful.


Sometimes you just like to read what people are trying. Or doing. Or how they're living.

Michelle Hogan use to live in Wisconsin just over an hour from me. We adored her and her entire big family. Then they moved to Washington State. Still it's been fun to read about her on the blog and keep up with her via facebook.

Wisconsin Micro Farmer is a blog I just found thanks to getting a card from my connection for all things jellied or jammed at the farmers market. I can't wait to see what Jasmyn comes up with in the next few months. It's an interesting look at what you can do with a small yard to help feed your family.

And finally Naked Acres Farm. This is my friend Esther and her wonderful farm. The pictures I took earlier (two post back) came from her farm. We currently get our eggs from her and can't wait for our CSA to come in. And her coffee? Fantastic.

So what are your go-to blogs for reading?

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