Sunday, February 16, 2014


It's been an interesting weekend around here.

Thursday D's car broke down. Friday we were told there's a high probability that it can't be repaired. And to find out will cost $300. Just to find out. 

We also thought we were 2 months away from paying off the last of D's student loans but Friday morning we realized at some point we've dropped double payments and have a few more years ahead of us. This left us even more panic stricken as we might have to buy a car super soon. (We only do cash and were saving up to replace a washing machine, figuring the car was good for at least another 12 months.) 

Around 2pm on Friday I threw my back out. So I dug out my drugs and spent the entire weekend in my bedroom trying to calm the nerves that were angered. 

Always keep an emergency stash if you have reoccurring back pain. Always. 

Needless to say Valentine's Day 2014 did not go according to plan. Originally I'd hoped for a quiet dinner at a local resturant but with the impending car purchase and inability to sit or stand I decided that it wasn't worth perusing. 


I'm thankful for another year with these kids who are growing up so fast! Every holiday that gives me a chance to love on them is a great holiday. 

G left me something on my keyboard Friday morning. 

He'd saved a few back for his family after making them for an exchange on Thursday. 

The kids know we're about to really tighten our belts again (like before any major purchase) and I hope they can see the wisdom and value later in our skipping a pricey meal in the face of other concerns. 

D totally took over taking care of the kids all weekend and both kids checked on me. D made all the meals and did some laundry and the kids picked up and swept and vacuumed our main living area.  

Fi would run stuff when I asked (like fixing our overturned trash can... Which I could see from my bedroom window!) and G offered me gentle snuggles and watched a bit of TV at my side. 

It was a perfect Valentines weekend. 

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Cheri said...

So sorry for your trials. James 1 comes to mind...praying for you as you develop perseverance et al. You have wonderful children and hubby and a great perspective.

We suffered a little set back of our own last week. Makes life interesting, doesn't it? Praying for a quick healing of your back!