Friday, March 28, 2014


Today I'm celebrating spring by staring down 3-5 inches of snow we received last night. It is beautiful, heavy wet snow. Looks amazing.

Looks can be deceiving. Snow is amazing in fall and winter. But fresh snow in late March is more of a trial.

My sketchbook is filling with images of flowers and patterns that include loops and leaves, berries, and tiny bees.

Another logo, this one I *really* wanted to put a little insect on somewhere, but I managed to hold off.

I want to add more leaves, to curl it in on itself like the plant is hugging the words. But I have to stop myself. And I have to trust that as I get more familiar with this new program things will come out more and more how I want and less "close enough". Trying to keep it simple and handmade.

Never thought I'd miss photoshop/illustrator like you might miss an old friend.

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