Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Busy Lives of Our Clan

So many people think that home school families just stay home. Which in complete honesty some days we do just stay home and school. We did see -50 and lower windchill this season. On days when there was no reason to leave we simply opted out. 

But that's far from normal.

The picture above is our calendar. Our basic calendar. Other things come up that I don't bother writing down on it because some events only affect me or my husband. This is the one the children can glance at when they're not sure what day it is or what is going on.

Here's how our week looks:

Monday: Kids each have piano lessons at 11am and 11:30am. Fi babysits two little girls at 10:15am for an hour while the mom exercises. I also have a bible study in the evening.

Tuesday: The kids are up early for a 7:45am yoga class. Afterwards we tend to stop at our favorite local coffee shop so they can talk to the other kids in class (instead of disturbing class) and at 3:30pm we go to the public school campus. Fi is in a gardening club and G has language tutoring.

Wednesday: Fi goes to a local youth group from 3:30pm to 5pm. Then we do youth for each child and a study for me at a church out of town from 6:15pm till about 8:00pm. 

Thursday: G has language tutoring again at 3:30pm at the elementary school.

Friday: Fi has an origami club meeting at 4pm at the local library. 

Due to us also being one car right now we also take D to work and drive home, which is at least a 40 minute event that happens twice a day. I also have chiropractic appointments twice a week and try to meet up with a friend at least once a week for coffee. We're also bumming rides to Wednesday night church since my car has suddenly decided it doesn't always want the headlights to work. Summer (or getting a 2nd car and putting mine in the shop) will fix that. 

Weekends we have church, social outings and right now G is doing another 2 hours of language tutoring. It's crazy!

So even though we do school at home we also school in the car, at doctors offices, in coffee shops and anywhere else it happens as the need arrises! But then again, if I really want my kids to be life long learners there's a certain amount of learning wherever you are they they're going to have to master. Glad we're gonna have that covered in spades. 

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