Monday, March 10, 2014

Winter: Alaska called. They need you. So go home.

For the record, I don't hate winter. It can be beautiful and breathtaking. Especially in the Northwoods. But to all things there is a season. And that season must past. Must. Otherwise I start to get a little desperate. Winter the last month or so has been less like this:

Pretty. Majestic. Magical. 
And more like this:

Winter here is the snow and I'm the squirrel. Winter is all up in my face and seriously I'm getting fat on all these carbs. 

Please take a moment to appreciate that squirrels closed eyes. Like, "Ugh. Just a little deeper. Maybe that kid threw out some seeds or lettuce or something." But no. There's none of that here.

Thankfully today it's warm. I keep checking the thermometer on the front porch and it's nearly 50. The kids actually said, "Wait, plus fifty?!" because it's been so cold we're saying plus just like you might say minus or negative before a temperature.

The kids snowman that has been up since November is starting to look a little rough. Why'd they build one with only a head and middle and no bottom? Oh they did. In November. When we only had inches of snow. The snow has buried the bottom 2 feet of the snowman. (And we haven't been warm enough for more snow so I'm curious what the next month might bring.)

The weather is causing serious melt. The sound of dripping is music to my ears. 

Even the birds are flipping out. I mean look at this sky! Doesn't this sky say "Spring" to you? 

And again, I'm not a winter hater. But this area has broken records for cold and number of days with a high below zero. I'm ready for spring. Or summer. Or fall. Honestly any other season at this point.

I'll be over here humming 
The Be Good Tanyas - Littlest Birds if you need me.

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