Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ain't no party like a WI Easter Party

Here's a little known fun fact.

Winter here is long. (Ok you knew that.) Winter here is so long it makes you CRAZY.

So have a party! Sure Easter egg hunting in the snow sounds a little weird and possibly cruel depending on snow depth but hey! This is Wisconsin! All the normal rules don't apply.

Above is our lovely hostess (right) and her niece modeling the latest in farm party fashion.

Hiding eggs in soggy, snow laden grounds is interesting. Near the mud but not *in* the mud.

Everybody knows that when you find your treats you just sit in the nearest snow pile and eat. 

Our smallest hunter was seriously cute. As the night wore on she was also the first to get topless and start running circles and screaming. I'm telling you. LONG WINTER. (No one else got topless. Well that I know of. We did leave kinda early.)

Tori is helping G find eggs. 

Don't tell Esther but I'm secretly totally in love with her old farm house.


G and Zeke living the high life. Eggs full of slime. Win.

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