Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I live in a house full of new things and old things. The old things are my favorites. 

I like to imagine where these things have been. Who loved them. And obviously someone did, otherwise old things would never make it into new hands. Some of my favorite old things are books.

At the start of the new year I decided to try to read more. Just whatever I could. For a few weeks I was finishing a book every 24 hours. When I started getting characters confused I decided to slow down the pace, although I really enjoyed reading books back to back so quickly. This got me not only tangled in storylines but also thinking about how books have been made, how they are currently made, the use of my Kindle vs the smell and weight of a hardbound book, and many other ideas.

Which lead me to: What are everyone else's favorite books? I started asking around and found myself with many recommendations and many more free books. Stacks of them won from the library (they have a monthly drawing) and handed over from people who either had a book that wasn't really their thing or was really really their thing and I should try it.

Today I was thinking about books and found this article which list favorite books by state. (For once I'm actually proud of Wisconsin. Go Wisconsin!) Really an interesting list.

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