Thursday, April 3, 2014

G went to school

I didn't have time to update when it happened but just over a week ago our little guy went to check out SOAR, a local charter school. This meant a lot of firsts.

First time riding a school bus to and from school. The bus picks up the few kids who attend at the local high school and then they ride a wifi enabled bus to the school which has a mixed age classroom of 5th through 8th graders.

First time on a climbing wall in PE. He's not really into heights but I applaud his effort! 

First time in a large mixed age group that wasn't just homeschool kids. Here G is learning about a program the kids use to learn foreign language from a 7th grader. He loved having everyone show him things he could do with his chromebook! 

Overall G was really impressed and I'm faced with a hard decision. While I love homeschooling the kids this might be a great opportunity for him. I think we're going to at least apply and then just "see what happens". They only take 45 kids so he might be put on the waiting list. 

If you are interested in SOAR feel free to check out this link.

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Anon said...

It's lovely to see the photos of this special lil character — without the creep mod that D did. :P