Saturday, December 27, 2014


Did you miss me?

This fall turned into the most hectic we've had in a while. I spend far too much time behind the wheel of a car, dropping off and picking up. For quite a while there we were one car again until finally figuring out what was going on with my car. Daily I was doing a 7:00 drop off, a 7:55 drop off (two different towns, of course) an 11 or 11:30 pick up, a 3:25 pick up, a 4:30 pick up and some days also a 5pm pick up.

But as a general update: G is adoring school. He is blooming. And so far hasn't had any problems incorporating. Seems he had enough sense of self to not completely slip into what other kids are doing. He is thrilled to do his lessons and moderately ok with his volunteer hours.

Fi is doing better in her on campus classes than her online! Totally unexpected in a way, although I knew she could ace school. :) German makes her happiest, but her science teacher really has Fi's heart too. It's so sweet. There's a meeting coming up about opening the charter school to freshmen and sophomores for the 2015-16 school year and she desperately wants to attend, so we're going to research that.

IF both kids go to school full time M-R or even M-F I've gotta find a job. A jobby job. Husband's company no longer offers insurance so that'll be something I'll be after even more than pay.

Oh and I started making aromatherapy jewelry and it took off like a rocket before the holidays. I struggled to keep up with orders, and fell behind on a few. But was thankful for each and every one.

D is well and healthy. He is managing his metabolic syndrome.

Otherwise... all good here. :)

For Christmas I received a chromebook from D.  So maybe start expecting more blog post, if anyone still reads.

And to wrap it all up nice and neat... here. Have a few pictures I took today when we went for a walk.

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Gumonyershoe said...

I still read! Whenever I update my blog it shows me what your latest entries are. Glad to see a new post from you.