Friday, May 13, 2011

200 CD's

At one point Derek and I were serious music buyers. It began before children and slowed after we married and then stopped once we got really poor.

As we've moved from place to place to place we've carried boxes of disk that have slowly been turned into a large MP3 collection. The disk are still slightly fascinating to my children, but just barely. In our basement there's a remaining box of over 200 CD's. The last of an era. Derek has decided these need to be burned and then the disk given away or sold or whatever before we move. Honestly I foresee us importing these disk and then deleting most of the tracks. Many of the disk are damaged (remember back in the old days when you carried a book of disk in your car, or attached to your sun visor and someone always managed to break or chip a disk or two?) or sooooo out of date or rare that I don't think anyone will want them.

Still. A used CD store might do some good with them. Maybe even if they have to ebay them. And I really don't want to talk about the extensive collection of The Cure disk we probably have.

So today is raining and gray and I'm trying to focus and pack but this house is so big. And our stuff is so much. And I wish I could curl up in my bed and wake up to a clean house with freshly painted walls, repaired gutters, and tidy boxes. Instead I slowly pack boxes in hopes of removing enough that we can stage the house nicely (and keep it that way!!!) so maybe just maybe someone will love this house as much as I have. I've gotta figure out a way to set goals for myself so it doesn't seem like such and endless task.

Those who have done long distance moves, got any tips?


The Life of Mel said...

My good friend Josh moved recently from Knoxville to Portland.

A word of advice on moving: DO NOT USE USPS MEDIA MAIL.
They opened 90% of his boxes, I suspect stole things out of them, and then taped the boxes back up (poorly, if at all) and then sent them on. As a cinephile, he had countless movies, some of which were out of print. Never to be returned. He did get the insurance, but he'll never replace some of those things.

That being said, I'd recommend a sturdy external drive, if you have one, to keep an EXTRA backup of any music you burn and then sell CDs for.

We sold several CDs to disc exchange then McKays for the ones they wouldn't take...then we donated the rest to the library. They don't rent them, but here, they have a sale each year to benefit the library, and sell CDs then.

You can do it! *Sings rocky theme*

The Life of Mel said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that one of the boxes Josh received had a random pair of men's shoes, 3 Nigerian DVDs, and a pair of reading glasses. Nice of them to include those after taking about 30 DVDs. :(

NEDP said...

Mel that shouldn't be funny, but kinda is. "Oh this box is media mail and has insurance? Must be a good one!!!"

So far we have no plans to ship anything at all. We do have 2 backup hard drives (one for each of us) and the mp3's will be filed there. We've been slowly moving away from DVD's too as we use netflix more and more. Derek wants to completely abandon physical media but I'm just not there yet. ;)

Thanks for the words of advice!

Derek said...

yes. physical media is dead to me.