Tuesday, May 31, 2011

wanderin soul

We're having a massive, massive yard sale this weekend. I borrowed a device from a girl friend that will allow me to take credit cards (swanky, no?) with my iPod. I'm excited.

Or rather, I would be excited if I wasn't so exhausted. This house is sooo full of stuff. Stuff I thought we'd given away or thrown away is appearing in boxes. Just the number of shoes I've found is alarming. And we aren't "shoe people"!

Our big hang up right now is finding somewhere to live. Northern Wisconsin isn't being welcoming in their 3 bed/2 bath rental area. I called a woman today who has a 2 bedroom open but she doesn't want to rent it to us because we're too many people. Our family can live in a 2 bedroom in a pinch. My children share a room now, that doesn't have to stop just yet. I mean we'll make it work. But I can understand landlords not really wanting that many bodies in a small space.

I'm trying to count my blessings. My kids grade cards came and they each had strait A averages for the year. School is out so they're staying with my in-laws while I clean and organize like a mad woman. A sweet group of local ladies threw me a going away party this weekend and it was so precious I wanted to cry but didn't.

Derek said everything else up to this point has fallen into place so unexplainably well that he trust these last issues will resolve on their own. While I admire his stance I like a little better view of the ground I'm about to jump too. So many amazing unknowns.

I am thankful for a good soon-to-be boss for Derek. He is using his local social networking skills to try to find us a place. And when we called him tonight and gave him an address he knew who's house it was and told us not to get mixed up with that landlord. Talk about life line.

Sometimes I stand in my kitchen and dream of what life will be like once the moving truck leaves my driveway and we get in our car to go on our new adventure. It feels so far away but I know it'll be here soon.

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Niquie said...

It always comes so much faster than you expect. I know it'll be tough, but just wait and see... Move on and see where you will land. You are an amazing family and you'll be great.