Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yard sale

Remember back when I use to use really pretty photos on my blog? Me either.

We had a massive two day yard sale on Friday and Saturday. It's Wednesday and I'm just now blogging about it because it's taken a bit of recovery. On Friday night my father came to visit and helped with the yard sale on Saturday, then we also had Derek's parents and grandmother come visit on Saturday. Saturday night Dad left, Sunday afternoon Derek's family left, and then my mother came on Tuesday and is still visiting with us.

It's been... interesting.

All things considered the yard sale went really well. Only had a few rude people (there's always some, you just hope their turn out is low) and most were very nice and considerate. I even used my credit card Square from to sell a rocker and stool that belonged to my father. Saturday night I crashed and burned and had a small cry and felt better. I hope I'm not confessing that to readers who have no idea what I'm talking about. If so, here's a video to explain:

It was just like that only it followed getting whacked in the head by a large piece of exercise equipment (which gave me a nasty knot) as I loaded it onto the bed of a truck painted fun yellow and driven by one of the rudest women I've ever met. I think I could have handled that a bit better if I had slept some in the past 3 nights but I hadn't. So I cried.

But then I was better.

*AM* better.

The yard sale netted us almost $400 which is very very helpful. The kids were a little irked with me because day 2 found me scrounging through the house trying to find more to put out so that people would stop instead of cruising by slowly. I put out our sectional that was partially broken and it sold in less than 10 minutes.

The *broken* sectional.

The one I picked up curbside in Nashville, brought home, steamed, dyed the cushions to cover remaining stains and propped up on the "art history of Japan" book . Someone paid me $25 for that sofa and book.

Crazy really.

Now it's down to packing as much as humanly possible and trying to organize it in a way that makes sense. Derek has a flight and a date to leave and we're trying to enjoy him as much as possible before he goes. And trying to see all the family. And friends. Oh and I'm suppose to have a sleep over for Fiona's BFFs asap. Somehow.

I know the chaos will end. But right now it's really really overwhelming.

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