Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Children's Museum

To avoid heat indexes over 105 degrees in a house with no air conditioning the kids and I made plans to go to which is thankfully in Eagle River!

And it has air conditioning.

It is quite an amazing little museum for such a small town! They have all kinds of exhibits and a few "make your own" type crafts that of course cost a little extra. But I don't mind. It's for a great cause.

Fi decided to try her hand at worm composting by building her own bin! She was so excited about her new worm pets.

G loved the fire ranger station, and outfit. He'd ring up the tower and find where the fire was then use a peg board to put the fire out!

The craft he wanted was a shirt you get to blast with acrylic paint in water guns. They even had a spray booth! He really, really loved it.

Next we found a tree that would read books to you. There was a selection of books on the wall and you picked one, climbed the stairs into the tree, picked up a phone receiver and "dialed" a number code from the front of the book. Then the tree started reading to you!

And of course, everyone's favorite, the giant bubble maker. Fi was one of the few that could get this to work and she did it very very well!!!

Not pictured are lots of other exhibits. We stayed 3 hours and the place isn't huge but the set up is great for imaginative play.

Now we have worms living in my house and a girl who couldn't be happier about it.

The rest of the week we hope to find other "cool" activities that are indoors with AC. Hopefully this heat wave will pass soon! Every day spent out is one more day I'm not spending unpacking or other useful things.

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