Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some like it hot, but not me.

In all the things people warned me about being/happening in Wisconsin no one thought to mention the heat.

Upside to a heat wave? Laundry dries in record time. Even on the longest laundry line ever that holds 1.5 loads at a time.

That's right. The opposite of cold. The cold has been mentioned many times but never the heat. Heat so high I actually walked around inside the house with sweat dripping off my chin. Oh see, there's the second part.

Very few people have central air. Central heat? Well of course silly. Why wouldn't you have central heat? Central air? Not so much.

When we first looked at properties here I took the lack of central air to equate to the lack of needing central air. I didn't realize that people in northern Wisconsin are just absolutely insane and apparently so cold in the winter they dream of the day opening the fridge to make a cold cut sandwich causes sweat to pool under their chin.

As the house sweltered to 90 degrees I looked my dear husband in the eyes and begged him to go buy a window unit. Heat I can handle. Lack of air movement is completely different. None of the rooms have ceiling fans (which is seriously crazy to me) and our main living area has no windows that have screens. It's actually hard to get this place to cool down.

Were there other things I wanted to spend $300 on? Absolutely. Did I care at that moment? Not really. A window unit could have cost $1k and I would have still asked hubby to go get one.

I stayed with the hot, irritable children. Because I love him that much. He drove to Rhinelander which is the next biggest town. It has a Home Depot, a super-sized Walmart, Office Max, maybe even a Kohl's or Belks. Anyway it's a major shopping area with lots of stores I don't recognize (Shopko, Menards) but a few I do.

He returned a while later with a trunk load of fans and a sad face.

The entire town of Rhinelander was sold out of air conditioning units and had been for days.

The. Entire. Town.

He stopped at Menards and was told that no one had any. Everyone bought them ahead of the heat wave. Which I probably would have too if I'd had access to Internet via wireless at home (internet is not available at my house) or on my iPod (which was stolen during the move by a shady mover). So he bought a few of the remaining fans. We set them up in a pattern to draw the heat across the house.

That cooled it enough we could sleep. Which was honestly getting difficult. I wanted to cry tears of joy but they evaporated out of my tear ducts.

The weather report says the heat is only suppose to last about 4 days. I can do 4 days. Really. I just might be really scary looking for those 4 days. (This is not the time to visit, please and thank you.)


caffeinerush said...

Is TTU's Web Design program calling you home yet? Yes, I will stoop this low:)

NEDP said...

Ohhh that is low!!! HAHAHA!