Tuesday, August 2, 2011

putt putt

D's new job has longer work hours and every other Friday off. So every other weekend is a 3 day weekend.

The kids and I played putt putt with Pop right after we moved here. They've been dying to do it again, so this time we took Daddy.

Fi was a very careful putter. Lined up shots perfectly. Got into the geometry of it all.

D is a very strong putter. (He has strength he doesn't realize and should really give full on golf a go!)
G-man is a very active putter. He wiggles wiggles wiggles until you say his name and then he's all business. We've been working on manners and this time he kindly retrieved my golf ball at each hole and returned it to me.

The end of the course is G's favorite part. You have to shoot the ball up a small ramp into a toilet. If you get it in the potty you get a free game! So far that hasn't happened so instead we listen to the "advice" a voice gives us. Like, "Next time try keeping your eyes open." or "Practice, Practice, Practice."

Advice from a potty also sets G to giggling. Ok *anything* doing with toilets sets his giggle box going.

I hope you noticed the sky in the photos. It looks like that all the time here. No photoshop skills required. It's amazing.

More thought provoking post soon. Promise.

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