Monday, August 1, 2011

Thank goodness for care packages

My mom sent us a care pack.

::deep sigh of joy::

The flour I've been able to find locally isn't ground as... fine... as southern flour. I say that because I'm not exactly sure that's the difference. But there is a marked difference in how it rises and cooks and the texture of the biscuits that result from the flour.

It's also not salty enough.

However my wonderful mother sent us this package. Flour, country ham (from Paris TN) and grits which I can't find here. Nom nom nom.

Also in the package was a special treat.

Her homemade halbanero pepper jam.

I poured it on top of cream cheese and ate it with crackers. It was warm in the back of my throat but sweet and perfect on the front. So many amazing layers of flavor and such a beautiful color.

Sometimes it's hard being related to talented people. But the payoff can be equally awesome.

We also received very kind letters and photos. It was like Christmas in July only better because the package was full of food.

The kids are demanding biscuits with alarming frequency now. I informed them yesterday of the sad fact that when the flour was gone I couldn't make my amazing fluffy biscuits. Fi looked sad. G looked ok with it as long as the end of the biscuits remains a future date.

I foresee amazon orders for this household.

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