Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trees For Tomorrow

Sometimes on my road I pass buses with "Trees for Tomorrow" painted on the side and see groups of people wandering in the bushes. My landlady explained that the property across the street is owned by them, so yay for no new neighbors going in across from me!

Here's a video about Trees for Tomorrow. If nothing else I thought some readers might enjoy hearing the local accent and seeing some footage of what is *right outside my windows*.

At the one minute mark a woman is talking next to a bog that looks just like one on the right side of the road as I come home. The wetlands here fascinate me.

I really hope the kids and I can connect with them on their local events.

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Derek said...

wow. what a last name on the female news anchor at 1:45. but if you google it, her bio is the top hit. there are benefits to unique last names. ;)