Friday, April 27, 2012

I'll miss them

As I posted a while ago we are searching for a home. The house that we are currently trying to negotiate a price on is in town. On a small piece of property.

For those of you who know about my neighbor woes in our old house you might be wondering why I'm signing up for city living again. Part of it has to do with winters here, another large part has to do with internet. It is very hard to live slightly remotely here and have decent internet. I'm not sure what that's about but the infrastructure just hasn't caught up like the other places we've lived. My in-laws live literally out in the country, further out from a small town than we do and have much faster much more stable internet.

The property we're looking into has fiber. FIBER INTERNET. Since we don't watch broadcast TV and instead use netflix/hulu/apple TV upgrading our internet is like adding a garage or extra living space onto the value of a home for us.

I have really enjoyed this year in the woods though. I will miss the children running wild and free through the 5 acres surrounding our little cabin. I will miss the quiet. And I will miss waking up to deer walking through the yard.

Or bunnies playing right outside my window in the early sunlight.

I love how their ears light up pink when they're in sunbeams. 

I have seen deer crossing streets in town so I know we'll still see visitors but I will miss the proximity and the ability to look at them casually without other animals or people scaring them off. I'll also miss the absolute quiet (minus a neighbors crowing rooster) that we've adjusted too. 

It's been a fantastic learning experience for all of us... a sort of detox. But now it's time to research moving "back" into town. And who knows. Maybe we'll put offers in on houses in town and still end up further out with wildlife in our yard.

Thankfully as the mother of G I know I've got at least 11 more years of wildlife in my house.

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