Thursday, April 26, 2012

cupcakes. om nom nom.

There's two pretty fantastic things about these photos.

One of them I made. One of them... I DID NOT. For once.

A clue is the title of this blog.

Yes! A dairy free cupcake! Even the beautiful raspberry icing. 

These are the only photos *ever* of my son getting to dig into a cupcake without me taking off the icing or making some for him so he could participate in dessert. (They're also gluten free!) We had them for snack time between working on school work and being crazy today because of the rain.

They were made by a wonderful woman in Gallatin TN. A very kind friend was driving up from TN and stopped in the shop, had lunch and bought sweet treats for us. The cupcakes road with him as he made the slow drive from Gallatin to us. 

Her shop is Butterbean Bakery and Bistro and if you live in Middle Tennessee and haven't found a reason to stop by the shop you really should. Our cupcakes weren't fresh and they are still astounding. The flavors were put together so well you'd swear you were eating a full dairy/gluten/"regular" food. Her menu always has me wishing we still lived just a few roads down from the shop, which of course opened after we moved! 

Our box of goodies also contained a date bar that I shared with two women without mentioning that her food is vegan or otherwise. They *raved* about it. Asked if I could get a recipe or obtain more. It was pretty fantastic.

I hope hope hope the longer we live here the more small local shops I can find that are at least as cool as what we left behind. Or at least convince some people to let me in on their recipes. 

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