Monday, May 14, 2012


A friend on another blog mentioned making a hanging lamp and I thought, "Hey I've done that!" but I checked and I don't have a blog post for it. So I searched through my photos and ohhhhhh it was a really long time ago.

We were still living in the house in TN and we had these huge windows across the front room. I loved those windows. I still dream of those windows. They were tall and had pop outs across the top and filled my living room with light. They were also tricky to decorate around.

I knew we needed a pendant light in front of those windows over a old cedar chest I had centered in front of them. But I couldn't find anything for the price I wanted to pay that was a good size.

So I made one.

I ordered a light kit from I think Amazon. That template beside the scissors I found online, but there's one referenced here. The flexible cutting boards I bought at Walmart. (Woot!)

I think my light took 30 shapes. One of them I snipped a hole in and put the light fixture through. Thankfully the kit I ordered had a screw on attachment which helped keep the bulb away from the plastic of the flexible cutting board. 

And this is what it looks like with a bulb in it that was a little too strong. It was incredibly bright! Much brighter than I expected! But it was just what my front room needed. Something architectural and interesting hanging from the ceiling.

Now for the last year it's been sitting in a closet, probably busted up but hey, they still make cutting boards and lightbulbs so as soon as we're settled I hope to take it apart and add more pieces. They are *so much fun* to make and don't take long. The hardest part is snipping the rounded corners correctly (the plastic wants to make squares not soft round edges) so I had to break out the tiny scissors in the middle photo. 

Assembly is also interesting because there's so many ways to put it together! I looked around online until I found a tutorial I could kinda follow and then kept count of my connecting pieces in each corner.

Very cool and very inexpensive and totally fun. Everyone should give this a try!

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Libby Gourley said...

hi norma!! sorry it took me so long to respond...i hardly ever check my blog anymore. thanks for posting these pictures and the tutorial! i absolutely love the way this light turned out and i might try it myself.

about the hardwood floors. it was definitely hard work refinishing them ourselves, and there were moments during the process when i thought it was too hard and what in the world had i gotten myself into?! but it was absolutely worth it and i would do it again in a heartbeat.

but i'm not sure about the rock path in the middle of the floors of the house you're looking at...seems like you'd have to rip up a big section of flooring and replace it. that seems like a big ordeal to me, but that doesn't mean it can't be done! i'm always amazed at what can be accomplished if you just make the decision to try something and go for it. good luck!! :)