Sunday, May 20, 2012


We officially have a timeline for moving.

Thankfully Derek's co-worker's boyfriend (oh we're all about the in town connections) is going to allow us to rent a house he's renovating for a nice low price while leaving on electricity, water and DirectTV. Maybe even some form of internet but we're not clear on that. We are going to try to move in May 25th.

The house is amazingly cute! Small, a block from the library, and a two bedroom but fantastic! Chris (who is renovating) is going to make it a 3/1.5 by the time it's done and I have to say it'll be fantastic judging by what he has done. He's even leaving bit of his furniture for us to use and we'll be bringing in a few of our own pieces. That'll let us keep most of our stuff in storage while we wait on the bank.

And that's exactly where we are with them. I received an email with a laundry list of "papers they will need" that made me want to cry. You want W2's that are two years old while we're still living out of boxes after a move that lead us across several state lines?

It feels like we've lived like this for nearly a year. I know we haven't, but it *feels* like this.

Taking the bunk beds apart turned into a much bigger project than we expected.

That plus packing up the house and trying to cook and clean as we go has left me burned out. Seriously burned out. Today we did very little and then it started raining. The rain sucked any further enthusiasm out of us and we spent a large chunk of the day laying on our one recliner and a pile of bedding I want to wash before packing. Seriously. It was like a college dorm gone wrong. Complete with snacks in the floor. So gross but so what we needed. Just a day of putting it out of our minds and laughing together. Add in a gentle storm and you've got a recipe for relaxation.

Wisconsin got weather today! Storms with lightening and everything! 

The hail was noisy but interesting. Still nothing like a good Middle TN sky ripping thunderstorm with tornado activity. 

We've done well for once. Usually the last 2 weeks before we're officially suppose to be out of a place are a neurotic fit. This time is pretty neurotic but because the house is so small packing is going fairly well. I'm hoping we can get our stuff out next weekend and move into the new place and give me nearly a week to clean the house before turning over keys. G's room is down to two mattresses on the floor and a closet with what his arms couldn't reach. Fi's room is a bit more intensive still, but she's a girl. And that's just part of it.

I'm dreading clearing the basement with the boxes I have opened again and again to dig out "that one thing" the last 8 months. I'm also dreading under my bed. I can't even reach all the way under but I can see that some stuff has migrated under the bed. This is why I usually have empty storage containers under there to keep things from shifting. Who *knows* what treasures might appear.

Or nightmares. You know it really is all about perspective. Personally I'm holding out for forgotten candy. I love finding candy even more than money. It's like, "Good Job! Here's a reward for you!"

I've already handled putting our phone/internet service on hold for a month (did you know you can do that!? AND they only charge you half price while it's "pending"! Fantastic!) and asked that our mail be held at the post office. That second item I'm a little concerned about. Will they also end up holding the new renters mail with mine? Like will they hold *all mail* sent to this address or just mine? I'm not sure there's a good way to work it out. I don't want to use the new houses address since we'll only be there 30 days but American life isn't really set up for you to be homeless for an undetermined time. And I don't want a PO box since you have to prepay for 3 month slots and honestly I don't want to stop by the post office once a week for my mail. Small town post offices always have terribly laid out parking lots and are full of angry people who are as frustrated as I am that the postman didn't leave that one tiny box at the house and they've had to come fetch it. Seriously. When was the last time you honestly saw someone thrilled to go into the post office? Ok someone over the age of 10 and not some sorta stamp collector? That's right. Never.

Tomorrow we've got to get back to packing but while we've taken this little break today I've been looking at DIY blogs and dreaming of everything I want to do in the new house. Including trying to refinish floors. The Gallatin house needed so much right then that I didn't have time to really research and do what I wanted. I was always putting out fires. After my father bought it he sunk another 5k or more into it (and I had just spent over 3k the last weeks I lived there!) and after I left it was finally starting to take shape. I hope with this newer home we can save up a little at a time and slowly redress it. It's got great bones, just needs a little color. HA. Ok that's maybe only funny to me as I remember how colorful that paint job was just a few weeks ago.

If you have any DIY/home blogs to suggest or websites to recommend leave me a comment. I love finding new ones.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


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