Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My children call my dad "Pop". Originally Fi called him "Papa Doc" because Dad enjoyed being lovingly called a dictator and because he has a higher educational degree but eventually it was shortened to "Pop Doc" and then just "Pop".

Pop stayed with us for nearly 6 weeks. I think. Honestly the stress has blurred it all together. I'm very thankful I took photos. Pop is a very multidimensional creature once you pull him out of his typical environment and into unfamiliar surroundings. He adapts well.

Pop is fantastic at:

Repairing bicycles so he can have some wheels during his visit.


Napping after meals.

Playing the kids favorite games.

Making goofy faces with Fi.

Finding fantastic spots to watch fireworks.

Repairing bad flooring.

Sharing ice cream at Soda Pops. 

Inspiring us to try things from his childhood.

Hanging with us at the airport waiting on his ride back to Tennessee.

He gets up early and stays up late working hard the entire time. I'm so thankful he came to visit and that the generations in my family are close enough that their grandfather can really "play" and "work" with the kids. My kids are so lucky to have so many grands and great grands who love them and want to spend time with them. It makes me deeply thankful for our family. 

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