Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well drat. I think I like my kitchen better the wrong way.

While we were refinishing floors (no worries, there will be a super post about that once I take a few more photos) I removed a desk and tall cabinet from the kitchen area.

Here's a photo taken from behind the island the day we came to see the painters repainting the house:

Yeah I'm curious about that bottle of killz too. 

Here's an idea of its location. The yellow paint is where I removed the desk and then we removed the tall cabinet so we could get to the floors for refinishing. The island was a little close to the wall where the stove and fridge go, and a little far out in the room.

You could obviously fit between the island and the cabinet but if you came in from the dinning room you had to kinda swivel walk around the cabinets and then into the living room. 

Once we removed them and did the floors I kinda feel in love with the sudden openness of my kitchen. 

We scooted the island over a little (here on excess flooring so that we could stain around it) and suddenly I found myself loving not walking around those cabinets. I also love that if adults are at the island you can easily walk past them from the dinning room into the living room.

So now I'm all "put them back in or just leave them out?" and I want to tell you, the whole thing is giving me fits. Seriously! Never in my life have I thought "YAY less cabinets!!" and in fact many of the places we've lived I've worked hard to add back into the kitchen without detracting from the overall flow. 

I really don't want the desk back in there. And I'm not a desk hater. But have you seen photos of my desk? No? Well there's a reason. 

Desk always become our holding ground. Oh hey this toy has dead batteries or here's that thing you told me to bring you 3 days ago or hey someone left this at our house. Desk clutter is hard for us. And we're getting a designated office/classroom in this house. So I'm giving my clutter somewhere to go. I don't feel the need to display my clutter in every room though.

The tall cabinets are hard to resist. It's like an instant pantry. I think they'd be fantastic next to the refrigerator in that gap at the end of the room. But I've measured about 15 times and I'm 99% sure that the cabinets and fridge aren't going to fit. And without the desk the tall cabinets look a little... forgotten on that wall all alone.

So what do you think? Am I taking something of value out of my house. I use to have a mini crush on desk in kitchens but with our lifestyles it is suddenly less of a thing. No worries I won't trash it, I'll basement (then later garage) store it so if someone else feels the need they can add it back.



The Life of Mel said...

How hard would it be to remove it for a while (put it somewhere in storage) until you decide? If you really don't want it there, I say get rid of it! But if you're hesitant, keep it around in the event you can put it back...and also, if it goes up for resale and you think it'll be better with it there, put it back before that. I know your goal is to keep the house, but just in case you didn't, maybe that'd be a good way to keep the value but have it the way you want it for now!

I have to admit, I NEED cabinet space, so I'd likely keep it. But I totally understand wanting openness. Do you have Re-Store's or Habitat places where you can get inexpensive cabinets up there? Maybe make a low cabinet wall there that won't block the wall off floor to ceiling--and maybe that'd look better to you while keeping more cabinets in the area. And that'd leave more prep space (something else I desperately need.) Ed and I cook together and it's so hard in our tiny ass area of counter space...just some thoughts.

calamitylill said...

I'm a desk clutterer, too. That doesn't need to be in a public space. If the cabinet would fit beside the fridge, I say keep it. If it doesn't, I don't think it looks good at all. It looks like an obstacle. I do however know the pain of not enough cabinetry. A big ol pantry is pretty tempting.

Cindy said...

Why don't you just get/build some sort of smaller cabinet to go beside your fridge to serve as your pantry?