Friday, July 27, 2012


Let's talk floors.

Mine are all now a luscious deep color called "Jacobean". I bought it at Home Depot but many stores carry this color.

It actually looks a lot like the little square there on the package. I wanted something dark but not so dark you completely lost the grain of the wood. We ended up refinishing one room twice (yay accidents!) and that room is slightly darker. But I love this color because while it is dark it's not just a black floor.

Sadly we are living on it while it's still very new and a few scratches have happened. Not deep, otherwise I don't think I'd even be able to post about it without fainting. But scratches in the poly that I hope at a later date I can buff out and hit with a little more poly and just pretend it never happened.

Until that day it's become very obvious that we need rugs. Wisconsin also has super cold winters which I've been told can make you wish for layers between your feet and bare floors. 

Hence rug shopping! Which is overwhelming mainly because I'm still trying to find furniture but need rugs NOW. It's very backwards from the whole "ohhh this rug ties the room together" and more "we'll need to pick furniture that matches our rugs". 

Also there's the problem that I'm a southern girl trying to shop in the Northwoods. At our local Home Depot they carry a rug style that has a border of black bears and pine trees. Which I get! I mean, that's needed here where people are decorating their summer cabins. But those and the surprising number of rugs decorated in "mid western motif" made me a little nervous. 

Still I found a few yesterday. And for this house I need at least three big rugs. Living room probably needs two, office and dinning room are the same size and across a foyer from each other. 

So what do you think, readers?

This one is bold but in a really nice way. I'm not a big bright yellow kinda gal but that insure that it would truly only be an accent color. In the winters here everything goes blue/gray from the lack of light and the way the light bounces of snow and other objects (so says the photo girl) so I'm leaning towards bright colors and patterns with simple lines on furniture. Think a southern girl being inspired by Scandinavian design. If that makes you a little dizzy well, welcome to my world. I worry about the black background on my dark floors. 

This one is a little more subtle. There were three hanging here to show different colors, I'm focusing on the colors to the right. Reds, browns, and a little blue. I like the bold pattern butI do wish the colors were turned up a little louder. That's the southern gal in me talking right there. 

This last one believe it or not I would like in the brown. It's actually lighter than my floors and I think it's floral (traditional) without being an oriental carpet or something my grandmother would have had in her living room. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong there. I like the red version but it's a little too much red and the light colored one the connecting vines seem almost accidental parts of the design.

So there's the only 3 leads I've been able to see in person. It's really a shame. None of them made me say YES! but I wonder if rugs can do that to me. I've also considered DIY'ing a piece of painted canvas with a chevron or houndstooth pattern and attaching a pad underneath to give it some cushion. Bold and graphic, yes. But probably cheaper and I'll feel less guilt if I want to replace it later.

Feedback welcome!


The Life of Mel said...

1) Folk Flowers
2) Canton
in order of preference. Go crazy. Be bold!

The Life of Mel said...

And I think the brown in Canton would look great. I still prefer the Folk Flowers. I'm just tired of being safe though (see my last paint choice in the guest room.) :)

Cindy said...

I really like the flower one.

NEDP said...

Cindy ~ Do you mean the top one?

Yeah the Folk Flowers jumped out at me. And it's got this nubby texture that made me wanna rub my feet all over it. Sadly it was in a standing frame to keep crazy people like me from doing that.

Mel I'm with you, I'm sick of being safe too. And I've decided I'll be safe with furniture but rugs and curtains and accent pieces are up for grabs. I'm also feeling safety on wall colors just because I want to have some crazy stuff stand out. Like my paintings! They look good on neutral walls.

Thanks for commenting guys. I appreciate it. *big hug*

Gumonyershoe said...

I dislike rug shopping. Not that I really have had need to. I honestly don't remember why I did at one point. Maybe it was with the girl who lived in my basement for a while... But I've yet to see a rug I like.

As far as the ones you showed, I like the 2nd and 3rd ones best. The 3rd one 'cause I know you love red, though you said you were leaning more towards the brown anyway.

Regardless of what you choose, you're awesome and you'll make it all awesome. :)