Thursday, September 13, 2012


It has been a while hasn't it? Amazing how much time slips away while you're out living.

My last post was about rugs so as a follow up, here's what we ended up with in the living room:

Don't enlarge this photo. There's still a lot of unpacking to be done and what... like you don't have a teepee in your living room?

It's ok to say what you're thinking. "Wow! That's... um... surprisingly traditional for you." I know I know. But we had a family-we-loved move out of state and managed to find homes for two of her very large rugs.

And oddly enough, I love it. Would I have picked it out? Not in a million years. I was even afraid the colors would be too muted and soft for the bold dark floor/my paintings/our furnishings. Then we unrolled it and I was in love. It's a huge room and a huge rug. And yet somehow the rug makes things more cozy and together. It's pretty amazing.

A second rug I had total intentions to move into the dinning room but it's a few inches too big. As in won't go in the room. But that's fine! The basement (not pictured for obvious reasons) has this horribly cold tile floor that is a dark grey and a nice red oriental rug will look fantastic against it.

I'd found a sofa I really want on Craigslist if I can figure out how to go get it. It is nearly an hour and a half from my house but in Northern Wisconsin terms that's just a few towns over. Really. The population density here is so sparse that people will drive long distances without a second though.

In other news we have started school and as soon as I can finish arranging furniture (just enough to make sure all beds are off the ground!) I hope to start dedicating half my time to blogging and art making and half to finding some sort of work from home job. With graphics. Because I just can't get art out of my system.

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