Thursday, September 20, 2012

How it's going.

We've had a lot of random days where we do a few things and school is squeezed in between. We are hitting more than our 5 hours a day without any worry at all. But still. It makes for some extreme randomness.

Here's a little photographic evidence of what we've been up too.

Story time at the library. Even though the other kids are much younger Gavin enjoys hearing stories and participating anyway. (And I figure it's more exposure to reading and books which I am ALL ABOUT with him.)

Drying mint from a friends garden so we can have some in our tea this winter.

Meeting new very local friends. Both sets of siblings here are older girl, younger boy and about 4 years apart in age.

Taking in the beginning of the changing leaves.

Playing games.

Visiting the children's museum with friends.

Experiencing wild weather! First it was sleet, then hail.

Then a few days later rotating clouds and the most amazing golden sky just before sunset.

Watching some visitors our our back windows as they come to graze each morning. Usually it's three does and a buck but sometimes just a girl or two.

 And finally we have been learning to adjust to the sudden cold snap we are having! For me that means lots of hot tea. If someone had told me just a few years ago that I'd drink tea that taste like drying tobacco smells (sweet and earthy) I would have laughed. Now though the smell brings the feeling of fall even closer and strangely I miss those barns full of hanging money tobacco.

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