Monday, October 29, 2012

New member of the family.

I have been soooo busy with our news that I haven't had time to update this blog. Those that follow along on FB though know what's up.

I got something that pretty much insures I'm not getting anything for my birthday/Christmas. And just so you know, I'm completely excited by that and ok with it. Seriously. Cause this means I can record what everyone else gets for Christmas.

It finally came, after a full day of me dancing from foot to foot. I'm sure I smiled at the UPS lady like I was getting a batch of something highly illegal. And for once she wanted to chat. Go figure right? The day you're practically wagging your tail with excitement is the day people want to chat. But I'm a proper southern lady so I took a few deep breaths and chatted. She's nice. So was this.

And this is where I started dancing. Oh yeah. Dancing like a fool. My kids got *really* worried. Like, "Now? Is this when we call the nut house?" but the idea that I had something in my hand that might make me not notice that they weren't doing school work kept them quiet.

Suddenly my pictures of fall foliage went from this:

Which is seriously not bad, but the yellow didn't come across at all. This tree was well lit and blinding in person.

To pictures like this:

And those were taken over a week later when peak color had passed! I just caught the end of it. 

So I've been off taking photos. Photos of everything and anything. Learning my camera. I even bought a flash setup so I can take studio type photos which is going to be important this winter. And spring. I hope to teach a yearbook class to our home school group and for that I'm going to need lots of pictures. Not all the pictures though. There's still some nose pickers in the group.

I told D that it was like getting my arm back. He sighed and mentioned (again) how for years he's been after me to get a good digital camera. One that I could really use. But the cost really kept me at bay. 

Now to figure out how to use this thing to make some money. ::rolls camera around poking all the buttons while frowning and peering::

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