Friday, June 7, 2013

life interrupted.

Things have been so sideways for a while now.

Before leaving for vacation we decided to finally put my car in the shop and have a simple repair made. Or what at least seemed simple from the outside. My passenger side headlight was out.

It's never *really* simple.

Turns out it was the bulb but not just, so then another piece was replaced and finally a third came up dead. Now the part is on special order from a dealership and we wait, patiently. Sharing one car.

At the same time I found out that the local camp the kids will be attending requires shot records and our previous doctor has one child's record but not the other. I don't ever understand how that's possible.

In the middle of all that chasing and running around I decided to finally, finally, do something about my back. My terrible spine. I'm able to move less and less as I age and I finally had enough. I'm coming up on 10 years of muscle relaxers, heavy amounts of pain medications and opting out of anything that might push me to the limit and land me in bed for a week or more.

So I had some x-rays done by a chiropractor.

They showed a few weird things. They've been sent off to other doctors to try to figure out. The gist, however, is that I'm twisted up inside. 16 year old me would now roll her eyes through an overgrown fringe and say, "duhhh".

34 year old me said, "How much is this gonna cost?!?"

I've been promised I'll feel like a new person. And I have since the first adjustment. I feel like a dead woman. A woman who was in a terrible car crash at high speeds, was crushed and maimed then stood up and was iced down and paid someone at the desk for the pleasure.

Today was my 2nd adjustment. That's such a great word for it. Adjustment. Because it totally adjust how you feel about your body. Right now I'm suspecting mine is a mean old bitty who's been trying to quietly drive me to an early grave for years. Twisting and turning me in my sleep. Shortening my height.

So now I'm sore and cranky and no fun to be around. Boo. But I've got to get this together because the kids leave for camp on Sunday then return next Saturday morning and my moms flight arrives next Saturday afternoon.

I feel like I'm working hard to tread water but nothing is beneath me.

Overshadowing it all is the death of a friends dad. One of those people who you know is going to pass, you have some notice, but it happens anyway at the most astoundingly wrong moment! You look up and go, "No! Not now! My cars in the shop and my back is out and why now!" Because life begins and ends in a million nows, ready or not.

Tonight I've got to wash as much kid clothing as possible then match it up tomorrow and see where we are. 6 days they'll be living without me and I'm honestly not sure they have 6 days of fresh outerwear since so many of our lazy mornings are spent half naked or in pajamas. Other moms are probably thinking what an easy event this is... just throw together the school clothes and send them off. And all I can think is no one wants to see what my children wear to school. When they do.

Hopefully I'll have a wonderfully, gloriously positive post very soon. Fingers crossed?

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