Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scenic Route

While the kids are at camp I've really had time to focus on D. Not that I typically ignore him but it is easy to find yourself busy in the day to day and not connecting with the people you live with. Especially when it's the one person who ask so very little of you.

I've been thinking a lot about the last 15 years. Yeah, I've known him 15 years. From guy standing in my dorm to friend to close friend to best friend. Then those leaps that aren't really changes but additions. Best friend that's then also boyfriend that's then also husband. Less of an evolution. More of a crescendo. A building.

I heard this song on my ipod and realized I've got it in my "reminds me of my marriage" mental folder. There are many songs that I want to send to newly married couples and just tell them "this is what life long commitment sounds like" just to counteract all that puppy love nonsense on the radio.

The people who are the most content with their lives/marriages are the quietest, and I think in an age of noise that might be a disservice to young people and newlyweds.

So to all of my newly married or engaged friends, this song is true. And it describes how you'll fight when you're ready to really fight. I've only had about 4 or 5 of these types of arguments in my marriage but they're strengthening instead of weakening. Don't try to force resolution. Take the scenic route.

(If it doesn't start there automatically you can advance to 1m05s to skip the long intro.)

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Niquie said...

So very true. That song really does sum it all up. I love that whole album. It does such a good job of working through the evolution of love with a spouse to life and love lessons for your children. I love this album.