Saturday, June 22, 2013

I have a dream...

For those of you who don't know I have a nomadic heart.

Honestly I've always kinda known this but thought it must be something people outgrow. Or that maybe people just weren't talking about it in mixed company.

It started with traveling as a kid and loving when we were able to live as locals (avoiding the touristy stuff and learning about the local history of places, what the locals ate, etc.) then it really took off after visiting Japan in high school as a summer exchange student. I loved seeing how other people were living while all that "normal" stuff was happening at home.

Now I have this dream that's a little strange and will have to wait for the kids to be grown to really work. Honestly we've uprooted them enough in their short lives and I can totally see the value for kids to grow up with a street address. Peers that hang out a few years. Churches that really know them.

But I really want to live out of an RV.

No really.

I know this completely goes against my hoarder instincts but the idea of opening my front door each day to world that is new to me is *very* appealing. The summers in Wisconsin are unbelievably amazing. Heaven on earth. And the winters down south are equally amazing. Rather than owning two homes the idea of living in one that moves with us sounds amazing.

I'd of course want to give it a test run. Can D and I stand each other for weeks on end in a tiny house? And again, the kids would need to not only be grown but established. No kid wants to be picked up from college by their nomadic parents and stay on the sofa in tight quarters. So this is a longer goal.

For now, I read blogs.

If you think this lifestyle sounds interesting here's some links you might want to checkout.

Gone with the Wynns is still new to me but I like what I see already. Part of my draw is to live as earth conscious as possible and I'm loving their solar panel review.

The Technomads are another interesting couple and they're into the same sort of field as D which leads me to believe that he could work from the road and provide income... while I do photography and painting and... uh... sell it on Etsy? (Ok so I seriously need to figured out a business plan.)

And there are others out there. Including sites just showing interesting remodels of RV's to make them more livable. Some though are nuts! A few I found people used solid wood cabinets in the RV which would really mess up the gas mileage.

So what do you think? Could you pack it up and live in an RV?


Krista ~ My Northwoods Life said...

I am friends with Shanna through DoTerra (that is how I found your blog) and I may have met you at the little roll-on making class she put on at her tea shop last month! I have been drinking coffee and reading your blog this morning... I love it! And the RV post... you are a girl after my own heart! We have hopes of buying an Airstream to renovate *hopefully* in the near future! I read about you giving up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ect... did you ever get back to any of them? I would love to follow there too if you are! Have a wonderful new year!

Norma Pennycuff said...

Krista! Yes I think we did meet at the roll on class. So glad you're enjoying the blog.

RV'ing full time is something that will always be in my heart (I'd swear I'm party gypsy) and this spring a friend who is living in her bus full time should roll up in my yard and hang out for a week, can't wait to share more about her on the blog. She has 5 kids and two dogs with she and hubby!

I did start using some social media although not as strongly as I once did. I'm on most of them. I'll try to find you and feel free to do the same.