Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So I haven't blogged in 7 months...

I can't decide if a fresh post at this point is dragging out the inevitable or reason to celebrate. For now let's go with the latter.

So hello. New year. New goals.

I gave each of the kids a paper to fill in blanks for "resolutions" or goals for the next year.

G's says:

1) Eat a lot. (Considering how he's growing I don't see this being a problem.)
2) Play Pokemon 2 times.
3) Snuggle mom at least once per day.
4) Eat one piece of chocolate a day.
5) Play video games.

Fi's says:

1) To try new manga and anime.
2) To read all of One Piece and Bleach. (some manga she's really into)
3) To read tons of new books.
4) To beat all my pokemon games.
5) To become super strong. (physically)
6) To become more creative.
7) To eat more cake. :)

Goals I set:

1) To read more for pleasure.
2) Continue working towards exercise and diet goals.
3) Work more on simple meals that meet all my families needs in place of several mini meals at once.
4) Find some sort of bible study group.
5) Figure out some way to earn a small amount of money we can put towards our saving goals.
6) Limit crafts/arts to two at a time so I can focus and get somewhere! My current two are banjo and my camera. (And if I can, I really wanna find someone who can teach me banjo.)

As for how I'm meeting those goals: I've read 12 books so far this year, I signed up for two exercise classes after taking one just before Christmas, I've just perfected a French onion soup recipe (gluten and sugar free, sadly not dairy free but G won't eat onions so this time I didn't worry about him!) and found a bible study group.

The earning money thing is still a little hard to figure out without completely detracting from school time. And the banjo lessons... in the Northwoods... that might take me a year to find someone!

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