Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I haven't had many opportunities to design since we've moved to the great white north. 

Drawing and creating layouts really get me excited. Considering the layers of meaning in art, matching font to theme,  or sketching a logo to represent an entire idea in one image are the stuff of dreams. 

I've had two opportunities given to me recently and I'm so excited and thankful. Finally the sketchbook is back out as I try to pull myself through layers of meaning in local culture. Elegant but not presumptuous. Direct but approachable. Easy for a volunteer to use even when photocopied. 

These are not ideas I always had to consider. In the past I was more worried about matching current design trends. Here I am surrounded by many people a generation older. They probably care less about flashy design and more about easy legibility. Clear communication. 

This makes me feel like there is something I can contribute to this community. And that is a huge step in feeling like a resident instead of someone passing through. 

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Cheri said...

And we appreciate you SO MUCH! Thank you for sharing your talent!