Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I have so much to share here on the blog, but I'm not mentally where I can type it all out. We had a fantastic mini vacation to a local hotel last week. It was great to soak in the hot tub and spend time with the family. I hope to have pictures soon. 

But then the terrible awful happened, and we're still sorting it out, and I'm not ready to share publicly. It's nothing tabloid worthy really. No one's getting a divorce. No one is pregnant. We're not bankrupt. But I've learned a lesson. So I'll share once the story arc is complete.

This morning a sweet friend sent me the image above. It's perfect! Because no matter how hard you plan and how much you think you know there will always be plot twist. :) And all you can really do in those moments is pray and let it go. Otherwise carrying something around in your head/heart will distract you from all the living going on around you.

I am thankful for my awesome kiddos, for our continuing health (the years since leaving TN have been our healthiest of all time), for our new and old friends, for being able to live in my dream house, for a husband who loves me, for finally finding a church that really seems to meet all our needs.

I don't know that I'll ever fully integrate into living in such a small community but I have to say, living where people leave cars running and unlocked at the grocery store is very simple. 

And I'm grateful for my simple life.


The Life of Mel said...

Hope the terrible awful goes away really quickly.

Ed and I have decided to lease a house instead of buying right now. The amount of stress I was having (that I didn't know I was having) is much, much less.

We're moving into a 1400' sq house, which at first blush made us think we would be too cramped, but it's really nice and open, floor plan wise, and after I had the yard sale to end all yard sales when I moved, we just don't have the need for all the space we did before. If we buy at some point, sure, maybe we'll have one additional room, but I'm enjoying the simplicity and MAN--is it easy to clean (we're in 1200' sq now...) So, I totally get simplicity. When we sell our house, (which now we're not in a huge rush for, again, *breath of relief*) I think we'll be able to buy another vehicle for me. We are really lucky. We work hard, but we are lucky. :)

NEDP said...

What's the biggest difference between leasing and renting a home? I've never heard the term lease applied to a home before so I'm just curious.

The big awful will have to wrap soon. Thanks for the good thoughts though. :)

Honestly when we moved up here into under 1200 I almost lost my mind in winter. But now at something crazy like 3500 or more (seriously I can't remember but it's far too close to 4000) I can't keep it clean. I just can't. If we're expecting company I have to take a few days on each floor. It's crazy. I have no idea why homes this big were ever built. I wish I could take the entire basement and convert it to storage but the lot requires you use the backdoor in winter for parking access. So we greet people at the back door half the year.

I've seen 1400 sq feet done beautifully and functional. Even less. And I do miss being able to do a half hour wipe down and get the entire house guest ready. I can see that size being really cozy for you guys. (And all this is coming from the lady who plans to downsize to an RV in about 10 years.)