Tuesday, May 27, 2014

remodel, part 200.

Since moving into this house there has been *so much construction*. Sometimes in the dead of winter. At the center of these remodels is my dad. I'm honestly thinking there's nothing home wise he can't do. Or hasn't done. Or isn't willing to try.

Things done so far:

1) Refinish all main floor hardwood floors
2) Patch a huge strip of hardwood between living room and kitchen
3) New stove and fridge
4) Demo foyer "flooring"
5) Tile foyer
6) Tile steps to basement
7) Replace most of the doors, changing from broken hollow doors to solid wood
8) Staining and sealing doors
9) Installing a mailbox
10) Lots of external drainage issues addressed
11) demo and replace front porch decking, new steps to road
12) add a back deck and porch underneath
13) demo and replace half of steps to back yard

And now Dad is looking towards the next problem... our roof. We'll have to have it replaced this month but for now he's taking off the old porch roof and replacing the structure so that when roofers come out they can finish it to match.

He wasn't even here that many days before this started.

The old porch was in rough shape but the roofline matched it, kinda. Also check out the size of those lamps! I am *so happy* to see them go. They were too large for the space and due to age/weight were bad to flip upside down in high wind.

Day 2.

Day 3.

Day 4.

Seriously the man works fast and furious. I have no idea how it does it, and does it alone.

I am *so excited* to get to sit on this porch. It's very small because the front yard is shallow and there are terraced areas to the road which sits above the front of the house. But it also faces a really quiet area. Across the street are two wooded lots and each side of us are empty lots. Only behind the house can you really be made aware of how many neighbors we truly have.

Seems like months since I drew out the shape of a porch in dirt and prayed I wasn't headed the wrong direction. (Picture below was after we'd cleaned up the front a little and I'd taken down the heavily scratched storm door to paint.)


Courtney Paul said...

So cool! I can't wait to come see it :)

Norma Pennycuff said...

Courtney gimme a few weeks. There are nails EVERYWHERE! Plus the roofers are being scheduled. It's gonna be a war zone around here!