Wednesday, May 28, 2014


So it looks like we're getting a dog.

Pop brought up Sierra, the farm dog from TN. She is a super duper cute and kind 7 year old mix breed. 

We tried going to the vet for heart-worm testing and vaccinations. It didn't go well. She freaked. From being inside a building, having a much larger dog bark at her, seeing strangers, it was all toooo much. 

For now we're doing daily walks to try to get her use to leashes/collars/walks/city nosies/other dogs/people/children. It's a lot. And bonus points to me for taking her on a walk Memorial Day just as the cannon at the court house was fired.


So far it's going well although we've gotta get in some obedience classes just to help her nerves. She is *so* timid. She also goes after anything small and furry because sometimes she wasn't fed (my grandparents are aging) so she went on a raw food diet. But not like the human raw food diet.

In fact the exact opposite of the human raw food diet.

I hope hope hope she can calm and relax and enjoy us enough to hang with us. Because she is a super sweet relaxed doggie. She's also very bright and I'd love to put her in therapy dog training so she can spend more time around people. As long as you're petting her or touching her she's content. And all she really wants to do is lay on our back deck in a little dog house and take naps. She gets excited before a walk and sometimes sticks out her tongue just enough to get a tiny kiss on your arm while you pet her. 

Perfect speed for our family. 

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The Life of Mel said...

She will calm down. Dogs are more resilient than we give them credit for (and this comes from the mom of a 13 year old dog that just had her leg rebuilt.) Asuka freaked for months, to the point we thought we'd have to get her another home. She calmed down though, and now I can't imagine life without her. She'll get used to it--and will *have* to get used to the indoors if you're still there come winter! :)