Monday, October 17, 2011


Not certain, but it's possible my bedroom window faces east.

This morning after getting awake I noticed in the trees outside a distant glowing ember. It was either the sun or a poorly started forest fire.

I curled back up in bed with my laptop and coffee determined to get a little quiet before the kids got up. It didn't take long for the little ember to start moving up my window.


Awww look at all the little handprints.Wow. Seriously look at all of them. Wait. Is that peanut butter? Ew!!! I gotta clean my windows!!!!

Now the room is lite beautifully but all on my face. Since I'm a mature adult I took a blanket and draped it from my knees over my laptop to the top of my head. Ha ha sunlight. I've got my own mini protection. 

In a normal situation I'd simply move the bed. Maybe even to under that window. But our bed only fits in this room one way and even still it's in the way of everything. At least we won't oversleep? Or rather, we won't accidentally oversleep. I can make it happen when necessary.

Tonight my dad is flying into Rhinelander Airport so I'll let the kid sleep this morning so they can stay up tonight. Very exciting stuff getting to hang with a grandparent. The move has made seeing grands more difficult but the kids are more appreciative of them when they get to talk to them on the phone or visit. He's staying with us through November 1st so we have enough time to hang out and maybe not feel so rushed to get everything-crammed-into-a-short-visit. Although I know we still won't get everything done. That's the joy of living though. Running out of time.

 Ackkkk!!! No sunlight nooooo!!!!

 Somehow the monkey and his cold feet always find me. Always.


Jennifer said...

Black out curtains!!! :)

Unknown said...

Ya know I brought a few pairs with me but this room is soooo small that with the blackout curtains it becomes claustrophobic. If we were planning on staying here long term I'd get blinds for at least this window.