Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 1

Today is the first day of hubby's "Biggest Looser" style challenge at work. It's a real put your money where your mouth is event with everyone who enters having to put in $50. He and I have gained so much weight since moving here he's up for the challenge and I'm going to join him in the attempt.

As I type this I'm sitting on an exercise ball. I'm not sure it's working my core but it's about as much fun as I can stand. Seriously. Rolling around slightly while typing gets the fidget out of my system. I bet I could watch movies on one of these! Add in a small bounce now and again and you've got a recipe for awesome.

We did have a set back this morning. When D went to get on the treadmill we received this summer from his boss (for free!) it came on at about a million miles an hour and then instantly shut off. Our goole-fu suggest that it's totaled unless we want to drop more to repair it than what they're currently selling for on Craigslist. Sad. It even had a book holder which Fi and I thought was a fantastic selling point. Since this is the treadmill that caught G's foot right before Christmas I'm kinda ok with it heading out the door. I bet he will be too.

We're also following South Beach because last time we tried it D lost weight like whoa. Why did we ever stop you ask? Because moving requires sacrifices. And when the budget gets tight our first thing we surrender is healthy eating. It's not right, and it has long term consequences, but eating strait healthy is expensive. And time consuming.

This morning we ate our omelets and drank our V8 and he packed the lunch/snack I made him off to work. I'll confess, I strained my V8 because my body thinks I'm drinking poison every time I attempt V8. My throat tightens like my body is holding a small revolt and refuses to have it. I don't get it. I adore tomato soup. But V8 is a no go. Strained though and really cold I faked out my body long enough to get the 6oz in before the throat closing started.

Since no one likes a post without pictures here's a random one from the other morning. I told G I wanted a photo of the two of us. As the computer started  counting down he'd stiffen and move away from me and make squeaky noises. It was cracking me up. The harder I pulled him in close the harder he'd push away until the camera flashed and then he'd be all snuggles. I laughed till I cried.

And laughing has to be a great ab workout, right?


Gumonyershoe said...

Best of luck on South Beach! One of my friends has been doing Atkins for a while now and she's lost a lot.
Love the picture!

Unknown said...

Thanks Annaka! And thanks for letting me know who "Unknown" is. Atkins is a little more than I can do without passing out (I need a few carbs after the first two weeks because my blood sugar is hard enough to control) but thanks for the support. :)