What is my family like?

We are a part time home schooling family with just two kids. Fi is 15 and in 9th grade (half time at home, half time local high school), G is 10 and in 5th grade at a local charter school. We relocated to the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin summer of 2011 from Tennessee. I won't say there aren't days I miss it terribly... sometimes for the weather and sometimes for the family and friends we left behind.

Quick and easy description of myself?

I have a banjo, a Nikon 5100 named Iris Francine, enough art supplies to open a shop and the inability to eat wheat. I have the attention span of a gnat. I love art.

Why is this blog Dairy Free Cake Walk? 

When son G was born in 2004 we quickly realized something was wrong. The child who slept through most of delivery (only letting out 2 long cries when prompted after birth and slept through a shot) turned into a ball of rage every day from 6pm to 6am. He also nursed for 45 minutes, would take a 15 minute break, then start again. We were told some kids are just fussy but since it wasn't our first rodeo we pushed for more answers and were finally advised it might be a food allergy. I stopped eating dairy and overnight our son was once again transformed into the sleeping buddha bellied baby of joy. My focus for a long time was passing on recipes and advice through this blog but eventually dairy allergies seemed to become more and more common and this became just a personal blog.

Fast forward a few years and my husband was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and has walked that line of "diabetic or not" for several years. So we also removed sugar from the family diet.

In October 2012 I woke in the middle of the night thinking I was having a heart attack. Numb left arm, pain in chest. A trip to the doctor revealed that I have a fantastic heart but had very little B12 in my system. Advised that I could be gluten intolerant I skipped the expensive test and cut wheat for 6 months and felt 10 years younger and better than ever.

So really, the blog should be, "gluten and dairy free, low sugar cake alternative walk." But that just doesn't seem to roll off the tongue as well.

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